Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Tricks AND Treats

Halloween is fast approaching, and the Milt needs a costume quick!  Our first big event is in very early October at Barktoberfest in Fort Woof Dogpark, and I  certainly don't want my boy to feel awkward if his costume isn't as cool as all his little buddies.  That would make for one lame Momma.

If we design a costume though, we might need to showcase it at more than one event in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex this year.  Why waste creativity on one day?  If anyone else is interested in costuming their pet, PetCo, Amazon, and PetSmart have a variety of outfits and Halloween toys too if you are looking for a special treat for your pup!

We are still wavering on what direction to take with our goldendoodle this year.  Here are the options:

1.  Dracula - We envision a Milt with a sleek black cape, slicked back hair, and blood dripping from the mouth.  Jeff and I might even wear garlic around our necks to ward off our spooky, little man.  (Guess whose idea this one was...!)

2.  A bumblebee! - Momma likes this one a lot.  Milt even tried it on in the store this past weekend, and I can personally vouch on the cuteness of it all.  A bee would allow us to go with spiky hair, spunky antennas, and floaty wings.  Jeff and I could pick up a pair of wings too on the cheap to keep the family in costume.

3.  The last option we fell upon is a frog.  I love the floppy legs, and Milton is certainly a Swamp Dog, so it might be the most appropriate.

Jeff and I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, warnings you may have on any of the above costumes.  I have absolutely no idea how we will keep the outfit on the Milt for a few straight hours, but we will certainly try.  Who knows - maybe our doodle is one of those dogs who likes getting dressed up...  Somehow I doubt that.  Seriously though, leave a comment below! 


  1. I agree Rhoton, or possibly the vampire. His name was Drake and the fur on his head is either disheveled or it lays backward like it is slicked back.

  2. I like the bumblebee but Stanlee and I think you and the DH should dress up as bee keepers instead.