Monday, September 10, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

The more fun rides we take in the car to daycare, the creek, dog park, etc. the more the Milt wants to hop right in!  Lately, he likes to try and ride shotgun.  Momma doesn't allow it, but I think Daddy does due to certain habits I have noticed emerge.  I am actually happy that our goldendoodle has a desire to stare out the window and notice the world flying by.

Truth be told, the Milt and I are quite the team.  When I bake, Milton sits on the floor, watching my every move - my sous chef in waiting.  While walking, he's my wingman ready to take on (or introduce himself to!) any threatening creatures, dog or human, that could hurt his Momma.  Swimming laps in the pool, he's my lifeguard running up and down the length, checking on me.  So, you see, it makes perfect sense that he wants to be my co-pilot in the car too!


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