Thursday, September 13, 2012

You know you're head over heels when...

1.  you begin amassing dog paraphernalia just because it makes you feel giddy. (In our heart of hearts, we both hope Milton might learn to read, just a little, someday!)

2.  you stay up way past your bedtime to bake your dog chocolate chip cookies to take to all his human friends at daycare.

3. you find yourself vacuuming 2x weekly, rather than your usual 2x monthly, and not minding because your inquisitive puppy likes to bring sticks, dirt, stones, and other collectibles home.

4.  you give up your unlimited monthly yoga studio because more time should be spent at home with your dog walking him, even if it is the dead of night or early morning, instead of out practicing downward dog on your own.

5.  you no longer care that your dog needs to go outside 5+ times per day to potty because you enjoy the fresh air and your time spent with him

6.  you find that many conversations with your husband are centered around the doodle's pottie - frequency and consistency.

7.  you arrive home and you bypass your newlywed husband at the door to go kiss your dog hello first.

Who ever knew one little, furry creature could so totally and completely capture your heart?


  1. Perfectly said, and I can back you up on kissing the dog before my newlywed husband as I have not yet been wed a year. And don't forget about getting discouraged at the husband for not putting things he has left all over the house in their proper place right away but thinking it's cute to trip over four dog toys on the way to the bathroom.

  2. Very sweet post! I have been enjoying reading your blog for the past month or so as we have been preparing to bring home our goldendoodle! Zoey, our pup, came home on Wednesday- she has been keeping us up all night! But we just love her! =) We have lots of similarities by the way- young newlyweds with new goldendoodle puppies and apartment dwellers! Your Milton is so adorable and growing so fast! Take care!

    1. Congrats on the doodle, Jessica! You two are going to have such a blast with her. We are seriously so much happier with the Milt. He's just so much fun. Enjoy your time with Zoey!

      Thank you so much for reading! I started this blog not just for family and friends but also to provide advice to new dog owners, particularly doodles. If you have any questions at all (potty training, feeding, tricks, etc.) just let me know. Keep on reading!!

  3. haha. your life as a dog-parent is not so different from being a human-baby-parent. :)

  4. LOL, does Jeff feel jealous about your bypassing? Oh, this entry made me laugh hard. You are the best dog parent I have ever known. :) :)