Monday, February 18, 2013

Puppy Photo of the Week

I know you are probably all thinking, There's that blogger, Heidi, in her fuzzy pink bathrobe again!  Is that the only thing she owns?  Well, I really enjoy the early morning hours, and I will wear one of my fleece pajama sets and bathrobe as long as humanly possible.  When I return home in the evenings, I cannot wait to get it right back on!  Here is a shot of Momma, in her pink bathrobe, of course, and her Milton enjoying a little quality time during a quick break from grading.

Milt is after that Squeaky Crocodile

As today is Presidents' Day, I have the day off  (Jeff too!)!  The Milt likes when his Momma and Daddy Dog are home on an unexpected weekday.  It is quite the holiday for both of us!  You better believe I will be luxuriating in the bathrobe for a good long stint.  I hope a lot of you are too!  


  1. Oh thank God.......I'm not the only girl who can spend an entire day in her jammies and bathrobe and NOT care what other people think of me. I change into my jammies as soon as I can in the evenings. What better way to snuggle with our doodles?

    Enjoy your day off and do something fun!

  2. I love the action shot. Milton is just that active at times. He loves to play with YOU!!