Thursday, February 14, 2013

Milton's Fortress

First and foremost, Happy Valentine's Day!  Make certain to eat some yummy chocolate and sniff a rose or two.  Jeff and I are not celebrating today (more on that later), so I will write about that next week.  For now, here is our weekend adventure!

Pop and Momeaux arrived back in town this past weekend, which means stuff got done.  In particular, Milton's fortress was begun. Pop came to Dallas anticipating completing our entire fence in one weekend with his apprentice's help, of course.  Little did he know that our current fence posts were rotted away, so instead of utilizing the originals, he would need to construct entirely new posts, then the framework, followed by the planks.  Well, wood was purchased, cedar to be exact, and the project was underway.

A few of the materials

Pop and Jeff attacked the far back fence first, which left our house exposed to the alleyway and Milton free to roam.  Hence, this led to a tethering of the Milt to prevent runaways.

Good boy

North side exposure

The men worked hard on the outside, while Momeaux got to work with her needle and thread on the inside!  She sewed many a beautiful creation.

Foyer bench cushion

Lace to "hide" a bedroom door

Kitchen seat cushion

Dining room curtain tie-backs to match our dining room set

Momeaux working away with her granddog at her feet.  She is actually sewing green sashes for the other windows.

Getting back to the 8-foot fence, Milt kept the men company outside for the majority of the days.  Jeff likes to hook Milt's leash to his belt (odd, I know!), while he works, to teach Milton how to follow along, so he will be better on leash.  I wish I thought to take a picture of that!  Here is Milt, instead, with a pile of brush.  Lots of yard work was also accomplished, by Momeaux and me, under the guise of fence building.  It actually was necessary to rake out a lot of leaves and cut back an overload of honeysuckle to prepare for the new structure.

Always in on all the action

Wandering around

You might recall that two weeks ago, Jeff and I raked and raked, along with the Milt, and heaped it all on the side of the road.  Our garbage bags of leaves were rejected, however, because it was not a Bulk Trash Day.  Well, Monday was, and we had twice the trash to share.  Thankfully, this time it was actually collected.

Lots and...


Well, the back fence was begun on Thursday and partially finished late Monday evening.

Burning the midnight oil

Our fence is not only beautiful, but it smells very nice too!  We still have more to accomplish in regards to the remaining fence perimeter, but the back of our fence is looking good.  Jeff will continue to work on it, and Pop might return again to provide further assistance!  I, for one, am learning that "Patience is a virtue," of which I lack.  Nevertheless, I am quite thankful for Momeaux and Pop, the best in-laws a girl could have!


  1. Oh what a very lucky girl you are to have in-laws that love you so much! Momeaux is a GEM and Pop is a WONDER! I love the material choices for all of your wonderful house-ware creations! Are you having Momeaux teach you tricks of the trade? My mom does all of my sewing (but I am required to cut out patterns and prepare material so all that she has to do is sew). I have a sewing machine I don’t know how to thread so I’m trying to bribe my mother with delicious food and fun entertainment to teach me how to sew. She says I got the hard part down but really, threading the machine is a nightmare!

    The fence is gorgeous! I love how you can see it through many of the windows, too. LUCKY YOU!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Jeff, and Milton!

    1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Goob! I just looked at all your furry photos on DK. Those boys certainly do shed a layer on a weekly basis...! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. The fence looks fantastic! Great choice on cedar wood. Your MIL is an amazing tailor. Very pretty fabric choices. You are so lucky, people pay ridiculous amounts of money to interior decorators for custom cushions and drapery.
    Have a relaxing weekend.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I hope you and Richard had a beautiful Valentine's Day yesterday! I am excited for your baby shower - it is coming up...!!

  3. This looks fantastic -- can't wait to see it in person. Look at you guys, real life grown ups ;)))