Thursday, February 21, 2013

At Last...!

Jeff and I will have been married two years in July.  When we joined households, we brought together a hodgepodge of furniture.  Jeff owned quite a few "pieces" from his bachelor days, and I was loaded up with garage sale finds and side of the road treasures.  So, we combined forces, junking some items and keeping others.  Overall, I have been quite satisfied with our eclectic furniture, all except for our bedroom set.

Post college,  I was driving home from waitressing, when suddenly I received an urgent call from my mother urging me to check out the furniture on the side of the road.  Turns out the family of a little girl, who I babysat a few times, was selling her entire yellow floral bedroom set.  To me, it was a roadside steal!  The next day we sealed the deal, and I have been sleeping atop a princess bed ever since.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my yellow floral, but it has just been incredibly funny to see Jeff in my princess bed!

When you get married, you expect to have a grand bedroom set befitting of a newlywed couple.  That doesn't always happen, in our case due to space because I wasn't about to chuck my floral set just to make way for something new.  So, here we are two years later, and finally we have our first real live bedroom set.

Jeff and I spent all day Saturday visiting six different furniture shops, Weir's Outlet, Bassett, Thomasville, all around Dallas.  We hemmed and hawed, but I finally saw "The Set" at The Dump, and I fell in love.  I actually teared up a bit!  Jeff was a little more blase about the experience, but I knew that this set was absolutely perfect.  It just seemed so right.

Saturday morning arrival!

The four-poster bed

We finally upgraded from our tight double to a roomier queen.

Jeff's male dresser, note his iRobot Roomba (Jeff's first pet!)

Heidi's female dresser

Milt's rightful place at the foot of the bed

Sometimes we haul in his other bed too for another option

With the anticipation of the new furniture, we packed Milt's crate up and stored it in the attic.  It was so large and cumbersome; it actually was a bit of an eyesore in the room.  Milt is not the type of dog who is overly fond of his cage, anyway.  He would rarely if ever rest it in during the day, and we would always need to lure him in with treats at night.  It felt odd seeing it go away though.  I felt like we were packing up a baby crib until we have our next one (puppy!). 

So far, Milt is unphased by all the new furniture, as could be expected.  I think he does find it interesting that Jeff and I now sleep so much higher off the ground and away from him!  Last night, he was resting his head on the bed looking lovingly up at us.  Taking that crate away makes me hope that Milt does not suddenly take another interest in nighttime chewing, on our new bed...!  Jeff thinks we would wake up and hear him, but I am not so certain.  So far, so good though!


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    1. Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you too, Uncle Mark!

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    1. Ha! Check out my page views, Uncle Mark. They are listed on the right hand sidebar. I am not doing too shabby...!

    2. I have read every single post and I adore you guys!

  3. I like this, Heidi!! Congrats on your new bedroom set! :-) I just emailed you to see how you were... oh and congrats on TWO years!!! It doesn't seem that long.... lots of love and wishing you both many more years of happiness - Lynne

  4. Oh and fyi.... I don't use the google email at all! Just for commenting on blogs and accessing youtube stuff :-) L.

  5. How exciting! Love the style you chose, it's beautiful!