Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yup, Jeff is still working away on that fence of ours.  The back wall is now completely finished, and he built a mighty fine gate for it last weekend.  Quite frankly, I am proud of all his hard work.  Arriving at this house, we both knew next to nothing about home repairs, and now I feel like we have really learned an awful lot about houses and all that comes with them!

Next up on the docket is the side fence, so Jeff (with my help!) dug out the old cemented fence posts that were about 4-ft deep and created bigger, better holes.  Jeff has been busy on this task, and so far he has cemented two brand new posts, out of about seven, for the fresh fence.  This does, however, still leave many holes for the Milt to explore until those too are filled.  That being said, Milt's new favorite game is to pick a hole and drop his ball in.  Then, of course, he digs it out and drops it again.  Oh what fun our goldendoodle can create for himself when left to his own devices!

Sizing up the hole!

A drop in the hole

Uh oh!

Going deep

Must get it out!

It's always amusing now when Milt returns from a trip outdoors because as soon as you look at his muddy face, you know what he has been up to!  If you are interested, check out the little video below.

I equate this video to watching wild animals on safari; not much is happening except an indigenous beast going about his routine activity.  You will probably be all set after a brief snippet...!  Actually, I guarantee you will be all set after a brief snippet.  Enjoy.

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  1. THE MILT IN ACTION!! I love how he looks back to make sure you’re watching. His coat is so beautiful. I wish Stanlee’s was just a tad thicker BUT then again he already presents us with about a garbage bag full of hair a week so a thicker coat may NOT be what we need. I can imagine sitting on the couch watching horrible reality TV while mindlessly running my fingers through that coat. What a very handsome guy.

    And Jeff…..great job!