Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Doodle Pride

All moms are exceedingly proud of their kids.  Doodle moms are no different.  We are actually far worse because our kids are furry, and we know no shame, only pride.  It may seem strange to some but blissfully beautiful to others.  That's why when a close family friend, Rita, recently mailed us the below bumper magnet, I was just a little excited.  I mean, the magnet says it all:

Nice, right?

Rita bought the magnet at the New York State Fair, and she just knew that it was the perfect fit for this doodle crazed mom.  I initially placed the magnet on Jeff's car, but he was unappreciative, and he, quite frankly, threatened to throw it out.  Way to look a gift horse in the mouth, Jeff.  So now, I am sporting both the magnet and my customary rear window sticker:

the original

My Toyota Corolla is now tricked out to the max, and Milt and I are rockin' it all over these Dallas highways.  The one conundrum is that the magnet, unlike the sticker, can be easily removed.  That leaves it wide open to the possibility of theft.  Thankfully, so far so good though.  Let's hope our luck holds out.  Nobody wants to mess with a dood mom, especially this one -- Milton's Momma.