Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vacation Recap

I realized that I never gave the rundown of our two Christmases, similar to the movie Four Christmases but not quite.  Jeff and I flew up to New York while Milton was whisked away to Louisiana.  We enjoyed equally happy but quite separate vacations.  Next year hopefully we will all be together.

In New York, Jeff did a little of this:

The real snow actually hit after Jeff flew home.  That's just fluff.

I did a lot of this:

You just can't beat the holiday feast, especially at your mom's house.  In this shot, I am scraping out, mouthful by mouthful, tasty scallop potatoes.

On Milt's vacation, he did a whole lot of all this:

Wrestling with Bhula, Jeff's sister's Siberian husky

Digging for vegetables in the garden

Family bonding - Jeff's younger brother, Jeremy, is not the best at sharing

Guarding Jeff's little niece while she swings, in case she falls

Some little girl, who nicknamed Milt "Fluffy Tail" stole Milt dog's heart
That little girl likes the Milt dog too.  As you can see, she made him a bed and read him a goodnight story.

Sometimes it is good for family members to take a brief respite from each other.  It certainly makes us appreciate all we have even more when we are back together again!     


  1. I haven't had to deal with that white fluffy stuff since 1976 and I don't miss it one bit.

    And Milt and "that little girl"......adorable! Looks like Milt needs one of his own, just sayin'!