Thursday, January 3, 2013

Milt's Childhood Home

As many of you know, we recently moved into our first house.  Did we lock the door to our apartment and simply walk away?  No.  We needed to do a bit of "spring cleaning" first.  When you vacate an apartment, you need to whjp it into tip top, immaculate shape otherwise management is going to charge you for anything and everything.  Example, nail holes cost $1 each and a brand new rug, if yours is deemed beyond repair, can cost you up to $700.  So what were we to do but mop, sweep, and scrub everything?

Just to clarify, our apartment was quite filthy, especially since our goldendoodle is reminiscent of Pigpen from Charlie Brown, and I stopped cleaning the apartment at the end of November when we closed on our house.  Why clean when you are moving out?  You need to pack!  Now I am reconsidering that stance because it probably would make this clean up just a little bit easier if there wasn't a solid month of grime stuck to absolutely everything.  So, I spent about three hours on Monday, New Year's Eve, at our old place, and Jeff joined me for another three on New Year's Day; that's quite the way to ring in 2013, huh?  Well, somebody's got to do it, and I don't think anyone else would volunteer.  This is just a glimpse of what we were dealing with:

Us and rust

Nothing must be left undone...

The bathtub that was Milton's

Lots of crumbs and remnants of an orange juice disaster

Got to get that dust between the banisters

While working throughout, the famous quote from the musical Annie kept ringing in my ears, "You'll stay up until this floor shines like the top of the Chrysler Building!", and we did.

Milt had a penchant for doorstops, so off they went and now back on!

Milt joined us during the two bouts of cleaning, but at times we were forced to restrict his enthusiasm.

He looks like a bear at the circus.

At least we brought some toys along for him, and it was a terribly rainy day, so not much was missed.

Final time our boy would signal from the stairs for potty time

Don't worry.  We put an awful lot of elbow grease into the deep cleanse, and we came out victorious in our walk through, although one bathtub had a little mildew problem.  Of course, Jeff is adamant that we re-clean the tub, ourselves, to avoid the $20 charge.  I was adamant that he would be doing the second scrubbing!    A thrifty husband can be both a blessing and a curse. 

Jeff, the Milt, and I certainly have a lot of fond memories at our apartment.  It was perfect for us for the past two years with an upstairs/downstairs, view of the Katy Trail, and spacious grounds with pool/hot tub.  I will definitely miss our time spent there.  Hopefully our new abode will be equally enjoyable, if not more.


  1. I need pictures of each room in the new house when everything is decorated :) And one of Milton's back yard!

    1. Ha! I have been considering writing a blog post of a "Room a Week" or at least a "Feature a Week." Things are not quite perfect yet though...!

  2. How about before and after pictures of every room in the new house!

    1. Goob! I've missed you! Did you take a hiatus from blog reading or just a fun vacation?

    2. Holiday "vacation"...we had company at our house from December 23rd until January 6th; the morning one group left another arrive the same afternoon. This went on for what seemed like forever. I need a rest from my two weeks off!

      So glad to be back and let Milton know that his calendar is hanging in the kitchen for everyone to see and enjoy.