Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold Paws, Warm Heart

My very first full introduction to Milt as "ours" was when I arrived home from school on June 1st to find the Milt waiting for me, sequestered in the kitchen, and as I cooed his name, he immediately squatted and pissed all over our rug.  Welcome home, Milt!  Our new house, thankfully, is rugless, but I think our goldendoodle has had a rough time adjusting to this transition.  You see, with recent temperatures in the '30s and '40s, little Milt dog has been quite cold on our hardwood floors.  He hasn't complained, but when a dog that never goes into his crate, besides bedtime, starts curling up in there, you know he is feeling the freeze.  So, he has been spending much more time on his bed than ever before.

This comfy bed is located at his back door guard post.

Since Milt's one, lone dog bed just wasn't cutting it for him, we bought another bed for the foyer. 

Now he can guard the front door without even getting up.

Sometimes Milt overflows onto the door mat, which he has claimed as his own too.

Any new rug, mat, etc. that we bring into this house, Milt assumes was put there specifically with him in mind.

Living room rug

Backdoor mat

Kitchen mat - Milt Dog still likes curling up at his parents' feet when we are cooking, cleaning, etc.

Milt's crate was starting to get a bit nippy at night too, which led to yet another purchase.  This buy was  actually specifically intended for him and not for the overall good of the house!

Milt's woolly new crate pad.

In total, with all of the various rugs, that we obviously bought for our dood, Milton easily has seven beds in total now.  What more could a boy ask for?


  1. Funny - I think our two dogs have beds or rugs in JUST about every room of the house. I love how he rests his head on your feet while you work in teh kitchen. Wish mine did!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jessica! How are you and your dood doing?