Thursday, January 31, 2013

Uncanny Resemblance

When Milton was vacationing in Louisiana over the holidays, he was dubbed "Fluffy Tail" by Jeff's little niece.  We thought it fit nicely, so we have added it to his wide repertoire of nicknames.  Besides this new moniker, Milt was also told that he looks like a "Muppet."  At first, I was a bit indignant.  No, my sophisticated, suave goldendoodle bears no resemblance to a silly, singing  Muppet.  Then I started comparing head shots, and there really was no arguing it.

Murray the Muppet

Milton the Goldendoodle

So, what do you think?  Besides hairy Murray, Milton also reminds me a bit of  fuzzy Fozzie Bear.

Fozzie Bear

Milton Bear

Next, Milton certainly has a bit of Animal in him because, well, I hate to admit it, but he is an animal.


Dog Playing with another Dog

Last but not least, of course, Milton resembles the actual dog Muppets most of all!




Remarkable, huh?  I am pretty much convinced.  Perhaps our little Muppet will join the cast someday.  We really could use some of his royalties to help pay for his dog food and day care.


  1. Don't forget the muppets Hugo and Dog! Milton Bear needs a hat and a tie to finish the look, think he would keep those on long enough for a photo shoot?

    I tell people I have a "Disney dog" with the heart of a "sidekick" because he is such a nerd.

  2. What a lovable muppet Milt makes! Cute post.