Monday, January 14, 2013

Puppy Photo of the Week

What happened?!  I overslept.  Plain and simple.  I overslept.  I don't know if the alarm clock malfunctioned or if it was Jeff and I who had the bad wiring.  All I know is that it was 7:15A.M. when I woke up this morning, and that is precisely the time, if not earlier, that I need to be leaving for school.  As I was dashing out the door, my mind flew to all my little students who would be waiting for me in my first period class, but I also was thinking about you, my readers, because this is the first time, the very first time, that my Puppy Photo of the Week has been late in the 32 weeks that I have followed this theme!  For all of you out there who missed reading about the Milt while drinking your coffee, I sincerely apologize.  My coffee was gulped on the run today, and I wish it had been different too!  So, here you go!  Enjoy.

Milt's been getting a little big for his britches lately.  He likes to jump up on the counter at daycare and casually say hello.


  1. I.....just don't have an issue with that stinkin' cute face ready to greet me in the morning. At least it was at daycare and not at home. Just wait until I have a moment to tell you what Stanlee did this morning.

    It wasn't pretty.

  2. Well it happened, my friend, the “Terrible 10 Months” has arrived. As you know, I get up very early in the morning to give The Nerd extra time to eat, play, potty, etc. before I leave for work in the mornings. Yesterday I started giving the two dogs a food supplement/chewable tab that my veterinarian prescribed for their skin and coat……we call it Puppy Crack at our house. Anywho, Stan is an early riser but Cooper likes to sleep in until it’s at least a little light outside so off the Nerd Dog and I go to the kitchen, he for his breakfast and I for my joe. I fix Coop’s bowl and leave it on the counter so that when he gets up with my husband, Bill can feed Coop his breakfast.

    Well, once all of the other animals have been fed and Stan has been given his bowl of deliciousness, I grab my coffee and a trashy novel, and head to the patio to sit outside and enjoy some quiet time.

    Quiet time?!?!????

    All of the sudden I hear crashing and banging coming from the kitchen so I run to the French doors to see what’s amiss and what do my eyes behold?????? Stanlee has jumped up onto the counter and is attempting to eat Cooper’s food after he horked down his own and decided that his serving just wasn’t big enough. Now, when I tell you he jumped up onto the counter I mean all four feet where on the counter, not just his front paws. When I startled him and he realized he was caught he tried to quickly jump off of the counter but due to the slick surface was Scooby-Dooin’ it for a couple of seconds before he got traction and jumped to the safely of the ground.

    Great, now I can’t fix Cooper’s bowl ahead of time unless “His Stealthness” has been put back into his kennel.

    Funny postscript, when I saw him standing all up on my counter I was so upset I didn’t have my camera to share this VERY special moment with you.

    1. Goob,

      I read your post, and I was dying laughing! We always hear stories about doodles climbing up on counters because they are so tall, but I always thought people were telling tall tales. When we left Milt home the other morning, I insisted to Jeff that we move a few things off our counter, in particular bug poison (!) so it was actually very ironic that you had this incident. Milt is coming up on 10-months too, and wait until you read today's post. I am seriously unhappy with him. He is staying home today (it was daycare yesterday), and I am almost anticipating disaster...! I would have LOVED a photo of Stanlee, and I probably would have stolen it for my Friday "Dollop of Humor" post. Darn.