Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Deed is Done... Finally!

As of last Wednesday, Milton is officially neutered, and what an ordeal it was.  After our poor experience with the SPCA (who never returned my phone call!), we decided to go to our routine veterinarian who we know and trust.  This is probably what we should have done in the first place instead of trying to cut costs.  Oh well, you live and you learn!  We won't make the same mistake with our next pup.

Milton was dropped off bright and early, to welcoming arms, at the vet's office, and his operation took about one hour to complete.  Three incisions were made, and the search for the missing testicle was on!  It took a while, but it was finally located next to his bladder, which is very unusual.  For good measure, Milton spent the night at the vet, and he was placed on liquid pain medication for that evening and five nights subsequent.  After his little sleepover, Milt was pretty happy to see his Daddy when he picked him up, especially because he thought Jeff might remove that dreadful cone!  We know the cone is necessary, but it sure makes our goldendoodle look silly, and he crashes into everything.

In case you are curious, the grand neuter total rang in at $455, including the actual operation, anesthesia, pain medication, cone, overnight stay, etc.  It was pricey, but this amount bought a great deal of relief for us knowing that Milt's wayward body part was discovered and could no longer develop into cancer.  Now the recovery for this operation is a bit longer because Milton had the three incisions rather than the normal one.  Our vet is encouraging us to leave the cone on for 10 - 14 days, no full inclusion daycare during this time, and no bath!  We will see how long that lasts.

We are just thrilled to have our happy, healthy boy...

Zonked out

Milton is still the Milton doing Milton like things.  The cone, and the neutering, have not changed much!


  1. Glad all went well! Happy recovery Milton!

  2. So glad to hear everything went well and the search, seek, and destroy mission was a success! Maybe you guys will get lucky and not have to keep the cone on 10-14 can only hope because I have visions of what will happen to the Christmas tree and it ain't pretty!

  3. He looks completely content there! The cone of shame. One of my dogs managed to completely tear off her cone when they went through this. We had to tape it back together with packing tape.