Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Finery!

The day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas season officially kicks off, Milton likes to begin sporting his festive holiday attire, and since the Milt is a dog (I hate to admit it!) that means his Christmas collar! 

Fancy, huh?

Milton has been strutting around pretty proud of himself and getting lots of compliments on his flashy candy cane collar!  He likes to look good, especially since Momma and Daddy don't take him to a groomer...  This particular collar was handcrafted by the talented Julie at MiboCollars.  Julie is one of my "Internet friends," as Jeff likes to call them, who I met through Doodle Kisses, and she is the proud mama of two doods - Boomer and Milo.  MiboCollars offers a wide selection of fun holiday and everyday prints too!  This collar was actually a steal at only $14; Milton has decimated his other collar playing rough and tumble at daycare...  Since I am a big fan of holiday decorations, especially window clings, I plan to decorate the Milt all year long from now on!  Here is a close up:

Visions of sugar plums dance in his head.

Don't mind the blue paint - Milt was just helping out around the house yesterday...

If you feel the strong urge, like I do, to adorn your pup as well (it's fun!), check out Julie's shop at:

If you haven't bought that special four-legged pal a Christmas present yet, here is your chance!  Julie might even include tasty pumpkin milk bones with your order, as she did for me.  Since we are all set on Christmas, the next holiday on my list is Valentine's Day.  I think the Milt can easily pull off some pink hearts, although Jeff might protest a bit.  Oh well... Milt is a Momma's boy!

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  1. Maybe Jeff would be cool with red hearts instead? And St. Paddy's Day is my fav......maybe because I'm a "Flanigan"?

    Oh, and glad to see The Milt is helping around the house.