Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Cards Galore!

December has been full of anticipation as Milton and I eagerly await all of our doodle holiday cards arriving in the mail!  So far in our doodle card exchange, we have received 36 cards out of the 49 total we are due to expect.  Cards have arrived from across the United States - Alabama, California, New Jersey, South Carolina, and many more; we are creating a doodle network!  The cards are cute and interesting because oftentimes the proud owners will state their doodle's or doodles' type and age, just like any other member of the family.  Here is a quick glimpse of our collection:

A worthy use of our new wine rack

Granted not all of the above cards are solely doodle cards, but it does make for a rather nice display.  I feel like my circle of friends has greatly expanded...!  Initially I was quite happy with Milton's card that we developed at Costco, but the below cards are some of my favorite too!

A big fellow!

This dog reminds me SO much of Milton - size, curls, goofiness!

Two doods from New Orleans

Lindsay and Leo - our local friends!

That is certainly a beautiful collar/wreath that dood is wearing!

So far this year "Mr. Milton" has received more cards than Jeff and I combined!  All of these doodle cards make me feel less crazed for sending out a picture of our dog for Christmas.  Although, I still argue that he is the best sole representation of our family!

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  1. I think I may have to join the card exchange next year - what fun! And that one poor bottle of wine looks so lonely.....just sayin'!