Friday, December 28, 2012

A Dollop of Humor!

Equinophobia.  Has anyone ever heard of that before?  Translated from Latin it means "fear of horses," and our goldendoodle has it!  Jeff and I first discovered this fear when we visited the local White Rock Lake dog park, and we decided to take a walk on the trail encompassing the lake.  Everything was going as smoothly as can be expected, when walking the Milt, when all of a sudden a  black stallion trotted over the bridge.  The horse was massive and astride the horse was a very tall, thin man also decked out in all black complete with a cowboy hat.  The thundering of the horse's hooves scared Milton to death.  He immediately began raucously barking and cowering with his tail between his legs.  He was very, very frightened by this "Big Dog."  It was awfully difficult to coax him back into walking mode, so home we went. 

Reminiscent of the brand I wore in middle school

Well, I thought we would not see a horse again for a long, long time except I did not factor in that we live near the Highland Park neighborhood.  During the holidays, this lavish neighborhood is resplendent with horse and carriage rides to view the overabundance of fantastic, and pricey, Christmas lights.  Last week, nearing the end of the Katy Trail, Milton and I ran into a dilemma as he watched a horse and carriage traverse the cross walk up ahead.  After that Milton refused, absolutely refused to walk in that direction.  I actually pulled his collar off twice trying to get him to move.  So, we backtracked, and I tried to take him through a restaurant and shop parking lot area to take him to the car.  Once again, Milton dug in his heels, and this time he refused to move even an inch in spite of all my cajoling and begging.  At times I hugged him to calm his frayed nerves, and at other times I dragged him scolding all the while. 

How did we finally get home?  Milton parked himself, quite literally, next to a parked car and refused to move just as the owners, a very lovely couple, walked up.  I quite awkwardly asked them if they would hold his leash while I ran and got the car.  They agreed but first, very politely, asked what his name was!  I was off like a shot and back within minutes to collect my troublesome little boy.  The couple was extremely gracious and insisted that he was no trouble at all.  The Milt shook for a little bit in the car but soon settled down.  Thank goodness the holidays are now officially over, and the carriage rides will finally cease.  Milton might have been born out in rural Oklahoma, complete with "Big Dogs," but he is now a Dallas city boy through and through.

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  1. If Stanlee were in the same situation and had he been wearing pants? Yup, Stan would have pooped them. My guy runs when I sweep the floor because the broom is a very scary thing to be next to.