Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Terrific Tuesday

To celebrate my mom's birthday, we had the typical family dinner, of course, but we also visited goldendoodle puppies on this very special day!  Over the past few years when I have visited home, there has always been a wooden sign roadside in our little town advertising "Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale."  I was always curious, especially after we acquired Milton, about the breeder and her pricing.  It was quite serendipitous when it turned out that one of my brother's marina workers was actually the son of the breeder!  Well, I jumped all over this little opportunity, and Dave set up a private showing for Mom, Jeff, and me.  Milton, unfortunately, was left at home.  I just didn't think he would behave appropriately with puppies that itty bittie that are due to be sold.

The momma dog and her litter

The best part of this visit was that the puppies were only two days old!  When we adopted Milton, I believe we saw him at six weeks, so it was rather unheard of that we could pick up a teeny tiny puppy that did not even have his or her eyes open yet.

Squeezing in

Of course, I postured to adopt one of these little beauties, but, sadly, since they were just born, it is a  solid eight weeks until they can go home.  I told Jeff that we could pick one out, and he could return for it (another 25-hour long car ride!), or we could simply ask my brother to fly it down in his helicopter, but I don't think having a puppy, prone to potty accidents, is really the optimal passenger.

At a price point of $900, significantly less than the $1,350 that we paid for Milt, these F1 goldendoodle pups are a true bargain, and they are being birthed and raised in a pretty country home, idyllic for puppyhood.  If you are in the Upstate New York area, I highly recommend this breeder: Lori Dillon, 315-730-1543.

Perhaps next year, the birth of the puppies will coincide so that one is old enough for us to take home.  Milt doesn't need an awful lot of my mothering anymore, so I am anxious to mold and make another little dood, just like my Milt.


  1. thanks for your postings. You have had indeed a nice summer. Great way to spend a birthday looking at baby doodles. I might have to make a call about one of the black doodles. We are in MA so it would be a nice drive....

    1. Fun -- you definitely should! The little black ones, in particular, stole my heart too...! Growing up, I had a chocolate lab and now the white/tan doodle, so I think a black doodle is coming up next!

  2. I tried to convince hubby that we needed a 4th dog. Since we already have 2 doodles and one pom. He said...wait for it...NO.

    1. hahahah Oh, those husbands! They are always trying to squash our fun!