Friday, August 29, 2014


It happened.  It really happened.  I finally got to meet the, the Nelson the Goldendoodle on Tuesday evening at Mutts Canine Cantina's National Dog Day Celebration!  Wow, it was like a dream come true.  Prior to that night, I was always scouring the roads to see if I could catch a glimpse of the handsome dood zooming around in his own personal Vespa sidecar.  Nope, no luck, but now I can finally say that I have met him -- Nelson!  He really is the Dood of Dallas.

Who can resist a dood in a bow tie?

Milton, of course, met him too, but, unfortunately, as luck would have it, my phone camera was on the fritz, and to make matters worse, it is my brand new phone...!  Oh, well.  It was still an evening to remember, and at least I was able to skim some prime photos off Mutt's Facebook page.

Photo shoot

Nelson rolling in on the red carpet!

Nelson and his momma

What a good looking fam!

The very best part of the evening was that when I introduced myself to Nelson and his parents, Genesis, the mom, remarked that she had seen my blog before!  What a tremendous compliment for me...!  The night was much too short, and I am hopeful for the possibility of a doodle date with Nelson and his brand new brother, Walter the Wolfhound, sometime in the fall.  Goodness knows, I want another dog now more than ever!

If you want to know more about Nelson, the Vespa riding dood, definitely check out this recent USA Today video: Sidekick Dog Rocks Sidecar Like a Superstar and this one in D Magazine: Meet Nelson, the Coolest Dog in Dallas. You can also follow Nelson on Instagram: @nelsonthegoldendoodle and his brother, Walter the Wolfhound: @walterthewolfhound.  Well, heck, don't forget to follow me too: @milton_the_goldendoodle!

National Dog Day certainly was memorable, and after meeting Genesis, Nelson's momma, it feels good to know that I am not the only one who takes the dog mom status quite seriously!  Oftentimes, I observe a bit of  head shaking, eye rolling too, when people see how wild Jeff and I are over our baby, the big fur baby -- the Milt Dog. Well, human babies are certainly adorable, but I still think that fur babies are the very best kind.  Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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