Friday, August 22, 2014

Snuggle Monsters

Jeff and I have a running joke that our Milton is such an independent individual, unlike your typical loyal pup, that he could be happy living with just about anybody, as long as that person is capable of throwing a tennis ball.  This fact doesn't make us feel too good, but it is a fact.  Our goldendoodle just doesn't have an awful lot of family allegiance which at times can sting, but we do admire his self-sufficiency.  I would say that we are a bit more dependent on Milton for love than he is on us!

Although we are beginning to notice that as Milton ages (He is now just about 2.5 years old.), he is becoming consistently more cuddly.  Our goldendoodle has never been an under your feet, by your side, lap dog type of guy, but he is a lot more willing to sidle up to us now more than ever.  I suppose the Milt is growing fonder of us because he is beginning to realize that we are it -- his forever family.

Over the weekend, I snapped these shots of Milt and Jeff.  As you know, we don't generally allow Milton on the bed, but he just felt the need to nuzzle up to Daddy Dog while Daddy was taking an itty bitty nap on a Sunday afternoon.

My boys

Sleeping beauties

Jeff caught on to my snappy photo snapping.

Well, we certainly enjoy having that Milt Dog around.  Sometimes I just don't know what Jeff and I would talk about, bond over, if it wasn't for our little love -- the dood.  Have an enjoyable weekend, everyone!

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