Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thankful Thursday

All day yesterday it rained, and rained, and rained some more.  A drizzle in the fall or spring isn't so bad, but when you have a heavy downpour on a warm summer day, it is a, to write like I speak, big bummer.

Milt likes the process of getting wet rather than being wet.

We were flexible though.  The day started off with some housewarming baking.

Milt stays close during cooking -- He thinks you should continuously lick up as you go.

Pumpkin banana muffins!

Blondies - best recipe ever - Blondies, Infinitely Adaptable

Well, you certainly can't bake all day long.  It got a bit boring after that, especially since the rain postponed our normal morning walk.


Later that afternoon, we finally snuck in a walk, but then we were back to trapped in the house.  By evening, our goldendoodle needed some more exercise since Mom and I had plans to see Mary Poppins at our local theater.   Being a good Momma, I threw on a rain jacket and lobbed a bunch of balls off the dock for Milt.  We always end our ball throwing sessions with a romp in the yard, and this is when our day finally got a little interesting.

After a particular toss, Milton emerged from the woods with a certain lightness about him - a skip in his step, a twinkle in his eye, a proud prance, really a joie de vivre, if you may.  If you are a dog owner, you can probably guess what comes next.

It honestly looks like something you would buy in one of those mega-Halloween stores that pops up around the holiday.

Yup, a dead something or other.  It was quite possibly the grossest thing I have seen in at least the past maybe five or so years.


Milt, of course, did not understand what the big fuss was all about.  Momma screaming, "Yucky!" at the top of her lungs after he found such a treasure seemed awfully odd to him.  Then since Daddy Dog is obviously not around, the disposal of this rotting corpse fell to me.  It was time to get the shovel.  That's when you know it is serious.  This was not your average dead fish that you could scoop up with a plastic grocery bag.  Oh, no.  This was heavy duty.  I only like to use a shovel on, let's say, a snowy Christmas morning.  Other than that, I have zero use for one.  As I was simultaneously scooping and gagging, Milton did another happy dance out of the bushes with the below. 

A pelvis and femur - I am positive - I got an up close view.

Both of these lovely animal pieces, I tossed into the woods.  The femur section actually got hung up on a tree, and I considered knocking it to the ground, but hanging in the tree might be best. When Mom asked me what type of animal the creature was, my reply was that it was larger than a squirrel but smaller than a raccoon.  Quite possibly, it could be a possum.  Those darn varmints must have followed us all the way up from Texas!

With all this rain, it is easy to feel downcast, but as someone recently reminded me, "The flowers need rain."  Yes, that is certainly looking on the bright side of things, and as I always tend to remind Jeff and myself, "Place rose colored glasses on your nose.  And you will see the robins.  Not the crows" (Chicago).  On that positive note, when will this residual stink of death leave Milt's curls?  Hopefully (Note the positivity there?), soon.


  1. I love reading about your activities. Who knew a mild mannered day of baking would also include a horrifying discovery! Man Milt was probably so proud of his find. You are so brave to handle it. I would have nightmares. What an adventure for everyone. Good thing you have delicious baked goods to enjoy! :-)

    1. It was quite the day, Jenny! You should try out that blondie recipe -- delicious!