Monday, May 19, 2014

Puppy Photo of the Week

Recently in Dallas, we had tornado warnings coupled with dark stormy weather, and they actually went into effect at the end of my school day.  As soon as I heard the announcement at 3:45P.M. (The kids had already left, and I get out at 4P.M.) that we might be asked to take cover, I packed up and got ready to get a move on.  With Jeff and Milt Dog waiting at home, I certainly did not want to be stuck in the "tornado position" at school.  If you grew up in the North, like me, you probably have never experienced this, so see the below picture:

Courtesy of Google images

I actually have never needed to awkwardly crawl into this position at my current teaching job, but at my previous job, yes, yes, I did, and it was quite unpleasant.  On my drive home, the tornado warning was, thankfully, called off, and I stopped by Walmart, which was blissfully empty, and I was able to leisurely peruse the aisles without swarms of people getting in my way as I tried to buy my favorite Walmart brand salsa, toilet paper, etc. (the essentials).

One of the highlights, for Milton at least, post-storm is the abundance of fallen tree limbs that are readily available all along the sidewalk.  Our boy is half-retriever and quite pleased with himself whenever he is trotting along with a twig, or, even better, a whole limb, proudly dangling from his mouth.

What a find!

Luckily, the full force of the tornado never slammed Dallas or else I would not write such a light-hearted reflection!  Walking after the rain is such a refreshing experience for both the Milt Dog and me.  As that silly boy is carrying his prized stick and gazing up at me, I, oddly enough, begin to feel quite proud as well!

Happy, Happy Monday, everyone!  

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