Tuesday, May 20, 2014

High Above Cayuga's Waters...

Okay, well, this is a biiiiiit of a belated birthday post but oh well.  Milton's birthday, as some of you may know, was on April 7th, and we had a rather subdued but intimate party for him.  The only two people, other than Jeff and me, who really recognized Milt's birthday were my good friend Lindsay, with a text message, and my mom with a card.  See the below:

Our alma mater in the springtime

I was so surprised and happy when I opened this card to find Cornell's slope, with the clock tower in the distance, staring back at me --  What sweet memories!  Even sweeter were the words of the card:

Why yes, yes, it is.

Milton has yet to grace the rolling hills of campus, but I will be spending my entire two-month summer vacation up North, so, I do believe, a trip down memory lane is an absolute requirement.  Maybe he will even want to attend school there one day.  Oh wait, he's a dog -- I tend to forget as I constantly correct, Jeff, whenever he refers to Milton, our son, in such demeaning terms.  Well, actually, to be quite frank, I do believe Milt Dog likes being a dog, and I just have to accept him for who he is.  Oh, well.  Some dog!  

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