Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Milt Dog just loves to spend quality time in our foyer, his room of the house.  Usually, he lies with his nose pressed to the window ready and waiting to defend with a mighty bark, but occasionally he rests further back in the room to take a little snooze break from security duty because, well, it can be stressful at times.

A planter for a pillow

Sometimes when a boy wakes up from one of these itty bitty naps, his tennis ball is just in the oddest of places, like so.

Tucked away in the dirt for safekeeping

It's like a giant Easter egg.

Oh, that Milt Dog.  On a side note, this morning at 4:30A.M., I awoke to the sound of Milton furiously lapping up water; he tends to have a powerful thirst in the middle of the night that quite often will wake both Jeff and me from a very sound sleep!  Once the thirsty boy was finished, he, of course, walked over to nudge his big wet nose onto the bed to ask me (It's always the Momma Dog!) to let him out of our bedroom.  As the cold water dripped from his muzzle onto my pajama sleeve, I realized that Milt's water dish was, indeed, not in our room, and he had just taken a generous, probably more than generous, gulp of our toilet bowl water.  Ugh.  Some days I think Milt is almost human, and then I crash back down into reality!  He's our little... dog. 

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