Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Cadillac of all Rides

Milton loves, let me put a little emphasis on loves, my Toyota Corolla, which until just recently had duct tape holding on the bumper.  My boy, however, thinks his Momma's ride is just as nice as, well, let's say a Maserati Ducati...  It is a proud moment for Milt Dog when Momma drives down the street with his big head, hair slicked back, ears whipping in the wind, poking out the window.  Don't worry -- Milt only gets to act like a hood ornament on local trips; I drive very, very cautiously, of course -- no potholes.  Milton sure is one pleased pup when he is in my ride, but check this lucky dood out:

Daredevil Dood

Goggles to hold his curls back

Our good friend recently snapped this priceless shot while paused at a stoplight if you can't tell.  It is actually a light very close to our house, which is rather exciting because that means Milt Dog has the potential of meeting this gutsy guy someday.  Actually, I better hope that Milt never, ever meets him because if he does, my little Toyota Corolla will plummet from cool to lame in a hot second.  As fun as I think a sidecar is and as much as I love my boy, I just don't think that's how we roll... 

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