Friday, April 25, 2014

Some Dog!

Recently, I have come across a few pretty adorable doggie videos.  This one I heard about on the news, but essentially it is a boxer who became just a little bit irritated when her owner went shopping for a tad too long and left her all alone in the car.

This boxer, 18-month-old, Fern, is a resident of Scotland, and she blasted on that horn for a straight 15 minutes -- unbelievable!  It is actually a really cute story:  "Bark and Ride." 

My Milton has never even attempted a stunt like Fern's, but every time I do leave him in the car, he ultimately vacates the back seat, and upon return, I find him curled up in the front.  Personally, I think Milt does have big dreams of one day driving Momma's Corolla...!  

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!

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