Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just Right...?

One of Jeff's absolute favorite things to do, especially when I am out of town, is to make a little trip to his preferential store, Costco.  Really, Costco, you might ask?  Yes, Jeff positively adores this mega bulk food store, and I, personally, think it has a tad bit to do with all the free food samples.  It's just a guess, but I think I may be spot-on with that one.

Although Jeff is usually not quite as attune to the needs of Milton as I am, recently he was rather adamant that Milton was in dire need of a new dog bed.  The current one that we had at the foot of our bed was merely a lambs' wool kennel liner with old fleece blankets piled on top.

A trifle sloppy

Judging from Milton's reluctance to lie on it during the day, instead choosing one of his other beds, Jeff concluded that Milt deserved something a little more luxurious.  Hence, the trip to Jeff's favorite store -- Costco.

Well, Jeff returned home with this beauty, and I found the circular shape to be rather unusual and reminiscent of a heart-shaped bed at some cheap Las Vegas dive.  It does, however, make Milton appear somewhat regal as he lies atop it.

Regal -- this guy?!  Just joking...

Though the problem remains that Milton is just too darn big for this round oddity.  I mean if round beds are supposed to be that appealingly comfortable, humans would have them rather than boxy mattresses, and we don't.  Our common joke is that Jeff just did not ask Milton's opinion before he purchased the bed, and even more importantly, Jeff did not measure Milton tail to snout before embarking on his buying spree.  I mean, how silly can you be?

Bottom hanging off

The tail just doesn't quite fit, and we all know how important the tail is.

That darn tail is still causing trouble...

I hate to make this reference yet again, but I simply must -- "Dads are for fun, and moms get it done."  If I had been the one to purchase Milton's new dog bed, you better believe it would have fit him, but then again, it might have been... pink!

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