Friday, August 9, 2013

Milton's Latest Accessory!

A few weeks ago, Jeff's Aunt Carol (I actually have an Aunt Carol too!) invited me to a Thirty-One party at her house.  I was completely unaware of this particular home consulting business, but I had been to other parties, such as Longaberger, baskets, and Lia Sophia, jewelry, when I was younger.  Thirty-One sells all different sorts of bags, in countless patterns, for everyday use at the pool, in the grocery store, or while at work.  The company is actually faith-based and named after the Bible verse Proverbs 31 which basically states how to be a good woman, especially to a husband.  Perhaps I should re-read that one...

Well, at this party, I shared in brunch, played games, and learned all about these bags.  When the time came to fully commit and order, I was still uncertain whether or not I was really in need of a new tote.  Then I happened upon a cute little cosmetic bag that could be embroidered as well.  Although I already have a vacation pouch, I figured that Milton could use a little overnight case to go in his travel backpack.  I was actually quite pleased with how my little design turned out.

It's Momma, decked out in her swimming gear, and Milton!

If you have a hankering to purchase one of these for your dog (or you!), check out Thirty-One's website:  This bag was actually a steal at only $12 plus shipping.  I think Milton the Goldendoodle just got a bit more stylish.

Happy, Happy Friday to all of you!


  1. .......I have an entire shelving unit dedicated to nothing but Thirty-One totes, bags, pouches and such. So many that I've considered starting a support group: "Hi, my name is Marnie and I'm a Thirty-One addict."

    LOVE the design on the pouch and guess what I DON'T have! Yup, a zipper pouch with Stanlee on the side.