Friday, August 16, 2013


On Milton's frequent jaunts to the local park, with Jeff in tow, he likes to play ball -- lots and lots of ball!  That's his passion.  I think Jeff's enthusiasm got our goldendoodle hooked on retrieving, but he swears it was me in Milt's early training days when I used to roll a ball back and forth countless times in our apartment.  Regardless, Milt is one happy, happy boy when his mouth is stuffed full of a bright yellow tennis ball.  Now, here's the kicker.  At our local park, there is a certain fruit that looks mysteriously similar to a standard tennis ball, only a bit larger with a distinctive texture.

Don't be fooled!

Look closely.  As you can, it is quite easy to be tricked into thinking that is a regular old ball.  You can only imagine how confusing fetching must get for the Milt Dog with these peculiar fruits littered about in the grass.  This particular fruit actually goes by the name of maclura pomifera, or simply put "hedge or horse apple," which I think is kind of cute.  As Milton took a bite out of one, my immediate concern was if it was poisonous.  Thank goodness, no, but I guess they are a choking hazard in cattle.  Go figure.   These fruits actually are believed to ward off common pests, like insects and spiders, when placed about the house, or they can be used as a decorative piece in an arrangement.  I actually might try both of those options out.

Reclined hydrating after a little ball playing

Milt's not easily distracted.

He always keeps his eyes on the prize.

Well, if you ever see one of these fruits out and about, now you know what it is.  To read more just visit Wikipedia, of course:  Quite remarkable.

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