Monday, August 26, 2013

A Dollop of Humor!

Ok, well,  I loved the Mesquite Doggie Splash Day so much (Milt did too!) that I persuaded Jeff to join us at another one in Rowlett that Sunday.  This time I nabbed my SLR camera, and I got busy taking shots of our goldendoodle in mid-leap springing into the pool.  I now have a smorgasbord of fantastic photos, and I think I might just have to add another framed picture to my Wall of Milton. 

Our favorite shot of the day -- Superman!


Blue skies, green trees -- summer in Texas

Can you spot Milton?  He loves to join other people's games of fetch.

See -- Milt's at it again!

Milt and I floated (swept!) down this "lazy" river -- He was not a fan.

 All sorts of dogs turned out for some fun!

Big boy

Labs sure love their water!
Floating away on a turtle

The below scene happened time after time after time again.  It never got too old for Jeff and me to stop snapping shots!

On your mark...

Get set...



Proud return

Hauling out

Jeff and I are seriously becoming addicted to these splash days -- the next one on the docket is Saturday, September 7th, in the town of Rockwall this time.  Quite frankly, if your town does not participate in events like these, I think there is no harm done in suggesting they do.  Dogs gone wild is certainly a fun way to close a successful swimming pool's summer season!

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