Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

First and foremost, to all of you who have read about Anny and/or donated to Anny, thank you SO much!  It really warms our hearts that everyone has been so generous and kind.  The PayPal account that we created will remain open, so please know that you can still give if you like.  For those of you who missed reading about the Milt this week, I missed writing about him!  I have been saving this little gem of a post since Sunday...!

Well, this past weekend was huge in Dallas!  These city folk really, really like the holiday of St. Patrick's Day.  It is not necessarily that we have a strong Irish contingent, but rather it is just a good excuse to throw a party.  Our house is right in the heart of the annual St. Patty's Day Parade.  By 10:00A.M. Saturday morning, green party goers were tramping down our street, and police officers were already patrolling.  One of our neighbors, a house of post-college boys, invited us to their party, or rather warned us of their party of 200 confirmed guests and 700 invited on Facebook... oh my!  Our Neighborhood Watch takes this event very seriously because thousands of people flood our vicinity, and an awful lot of revelry occurs.  Driving, in particular, is a big problem, so prior to the parade, our watch leader, along with other members, posted hundreds of "No Parking" signs to assure that all of us could get out and about.

Getting in the spirit of things!

Despite all the potential to have fun, Jeff and I didn't go to watch the parade this year.  I went last year, and I don't think it will be an annual jaunt for me!  So, during the day, Jeff was in and out at a local bachelor party, sometimes joined by Milt, while I watched the house.  Late afternoon, after much partying had ensued, I heard Milton making a racket in the foyer.  I assumed that he was just barking at the passerbys, but he barked quite ferociously for at least a solid minute.  When I went to evaluate the situation, I saw three tall, lanky blondes scantily clad in green standing in our driveway, next to the cars, by the house.  As for me, I was wearing green Nike shorts on the bottom and only a sports bra on top because I was feeling under the weather, and it was a hot day.  This is how our conversation went:

Through the window -

Me in a calm, even tempered voice, despite my annoyance:  "What are you doing in my yard?"
Gaggle of girls feigning coos:  "Oh, you have such a nice house!  What a cute dog!  What's his name?"
Me in a still calm voice, yet with a hint of outrage:  "What are you doing in my yard?"

The outrage emerged, and I walked outside, in my gym shorts and sports bra, in front of at least 100 people at our neighbors' huge front yard party.

Gaggle of girls in sheer alarm:  "Ahhh!  Oh, my God!!!  Mike, you'd better hurry!"

I walked further back along our driveway, and what did I see, but this guy, Mike, pissing on Jeff's gate.  He christened it.

Me, enraged but never good with verbalizing myself adequately:  "Could you please not do that?!"
Mike, while finishing up, zipping his fly, and running:  "I promise it will never happen again!"

Oh, the joys of living in the heart of Dallas.  Well, there went my St. Patty's Day!  It was a bit exciting, and anything that lends fodder to a good story, I tend to enjoy.  That evening I joined friends for a delicious shepherd's pie, cooked by my good friend, Emily, to celebrate.

The next day, on the actual holiday, I just had to get to cooking myself on a good old corned beef and cabbage for Jeff, the Milt, and me.  Well, actually Milt ate a special St. Pat's cookie! 

Milt can be rather polite

Stealing a little lick

Look!  Milt found a shamrock amongst the grass!

Of course, we just had to have a couple of friends over to help us toast the day!

The boys - Our candelabra tends to remind me of Transylvania!

I homemade some  Irish soda bread.  It is actually a fairly healthy recipe with the secret ingredient of buttermilk!  Message me if you want the details.

This was the infamous cabbage.  It actually was   on sale for only $.19/pound.

 Last but not least, the fattiest meat of them all - corned beef!  This is definitely a once a year treat.

And for dessert...

Is that Guiness Rhyne is drinking from that glass...?

Nope!  McDonald's Shamrock Shakes are another once a year sweet treat for us!  Although, if they were available year round, I think I might indulge more often.

Well, I hope all of you had a lovely St. Patrick's Day!  Next on the docket is Easter, and it is coming up fast...!  I know Milton is excited.  Get those Cadbury eggs while you can.


  1. I was hoping the St. Pat's parade would be less like Mardi Gras that Jeff knows about. In fact, I made the comment that the parade couldn't be as bad as Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But, alas, your blog's story has proven me wrong! Just plain crude.

  2. Good for Milt!! And good for you for standing up to those folks... how rude!! Way to be brave!! Milt is so BIG & fuzzy & darn cute in the pic with you.