Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady!

In books, movies, and on TV, you always hear about the "Crazy Cat Lady" who is old, lives alone, and is surrounded by lots and lots of pet cats.  Growing up, our Great-Aunt Ceil was super sweet but fell into this category as she had stray cats, some missing a leg, others an eye, constantly wandering afoot.  The entire house reeked of cat so much that your nose wrinkled, eyes watered, and skin itched as soon as you walked in the door.  She was the type who allowed her cats to jump on the table and eat straight from her plate; my sister shared a story of one of Aunt Ceil's cats partaking in a lobster dinner with them as normal as could be.  Regardless, my aunt had a big heart, and I see myself tumbling down that winding fox hole of animal love that consumed her long ago!

What am I alluding to?  I am in full-blown party planning mode for our boy, Milton's, first birthday party!  I couldn't be more excited, and I seriously believe people think I dove into the deep end of the pool and cracked my head on the bottom, and you know what, I don't care one bit.  I am excited to celebrate his big day, and I am dragging Jeff along with me!

A harsh reminder of what I have become

April 7th, Milt's birthday, will be the day of the big event!  We are inviting 30 humans + 15 dogs to take part in what I like to call, "Doodle Palooza."  It should be quite the day.  I have many dog-themed decorations, foods, and events planned.  With the recent arrival of the dog pinata, I think it is just about time to get this party started!

Sniffing out the newcomer

Action shot - grabbing and going

Reprimanded by Momma to wait to play with the pinata until the big day!

Things are in a frenzy over here.  Let the countdown begin until April 7th, Doodle Palooza...!  It's going to be epic.


  1. Only 12 more days!


    (I wish I could just post the picture but don't know how.)

    1. Ha! Love it, Goob. I am seriously pysched. Planning, calculating, and figuring is all I ever do! I am in a near panic this morning because the new patio set I just ordered might not arrive until the day after the party. Oh my...!

  2. YEAH! Can't wait to see pictures of Milton's Big Day!

  3. :-D Saw your mom today & she told me!! We love you & if I knew my cat's birthday, I would probably celebrate it too. Hope it is a happy and lovely celebration!!! That Milton is so amazingly handsome in a cuddly cute kind of way. Sweet dog, Heidi!