Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Girl's Best Friend

This past weekend, I had plans to visit the First Monday Trade Days in the nearby town of Canton.  This is a magnificent flea market spanning across many, many acres of farmland.  People set up booth upon booth of their antiquey wares, and sometimes junk, for the public's perusal.  I was introduced to this event by two of my good friends, a pair of sisters, and I now tend to go once or twice a year to see what treasures can be found!  I always manage to come home with a wonder or two!

Over a month ago, I invited five people (you know who you are!), including my husband, to take a Saturday morning jaunt to Canton!  When the day finally arrived, everyone bailed out, including my husband!  So, what was a girl to do?  I piled Milton into the car and off we went together! He is Momma's best boy, you know...

This is just a glimpse.  You really need an aerial view to fully capture it all. 

Taking Milton, of course, was an absolute blast!  lt did have its challenges though, as well.  First off, Milton is not particularly good on a leash.  With all the fallen fair food lying all over the ground, Milton almost pulled my arm out of socket more than once.  The entire day I had to keep him on a strong arm!  Likewise, the temperature peaked at about 80 degrees, and I was terribly overdressed with both a sweatshirt and a fleece, while the Milt dog was decked out in his finest fur coat.  This made for a lot of sweating and panting.  As we piled on the treasures, it also created a truly painful walking experience as I tried to balance multiple large items, amongst a sea of people, with the Milt yanking me every which way!  I did manage to capture a few pictures of the Milt resting, but I really wish I could have had both hands free to take a better shot of the vast reach of stalls and their wares.

Lying in the cool grass

The best or worst part of walking the Milt is the gauntlet of comments that people make as you walk by.  A few are whispered quite loudly, while some are directed squarely at you.
      "Now, that's a real dog!"
      "Look at the horse! Hahahah!"
      "Oh, it's a puppy like the other puppy we saw, but this one has a LOT of hair."
      "Is that a golden Noodle?" 
       "Daaaavid, Daaaavid.  Quick, quick you got to see this, David!"
       "Now, give me just one second.  Let me show you a picture of my dog.  It will only take one minute to
        pull it up on my cell phone.  Now, hmm, where is it?"

My absolute favorite comment, which happened multiple times, went something like this:
      Curious onlooker:  "Is that a labradoodle?
      Me:  "No, he's a goldendoodle."
      Curious onlooker:  "Oh, how old is your labradoodle?"
      Me:  "He's a golden--- oh, never mind."

I mean, really.  I was walking a 60 lb. dog; I did not have a 1,000 lb. circus elephant on display!

Waiting while Momma makes a decision

Milt and I did walk away with some pretty impressive finds, and I am pretty positive that Milt dog's cuteness saved us a couple of dollars on prices.

Candelabra, priced at $35, got it for $25 - That's brass, marble, and glass!

Window pane 8X10 picture frame, priced at $24, got it for $20

Ironwork for the top of our fence gate, priced at $25, got it for $22.  Yes, our lone TV is still in the box!

Now, just remember, when your very best friends, and your husband, leave you high and dry, you always have your dog, and he appreciates a good adventure!

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  1. Looking at these pictures made me sing with the angels. I love going to places like this to find treasures and wonders you can't find anywhere else. Glad you had a good time and love, love, love that candelabra!

    Food for thought, maybe you could teach The Milt to pull one of these for you: