Monday, June 25, 2012

Puppy Photo of the Week

Milton is growing at a frenzied pace, so we needed to snap a photo while I am still able to hold him.  Every day it becomes increasingly difficult to haul him up and down the stairs, and I always maintain the strong two hand grip to prevent slipage.  Well of course, big Milt  now has the capability to walk on his own without fear of falling through the steps, but sometimes he is a little too sleepy or tired to make the effort.  So, his Momma's got to help him out.  Both Jeff and I wish we could freeze Milt in puppyhood, but we just keep on feeding him, so we have affectionately deemed Milt, "Big Belly Man."  See the immense belly below. 

Milton and his Momma

See photograph caption.  This past weekend Jeff and I attended a friend's wedding, and Jeff pointedly asked me to stop comparing Milton to other people's children.  When numerous couples told us about their newborn babies, I immediately launched into stories about our new bundle of joy.  I mean the similarities are beyond overwhelming - early morning crying (in our case barking), intense potty training, around the clock feedings, and of course the constant vigilancy to prevent rug soiling, sneaker chewing, and death by electrical shock.  The separation anxiety is horrible, and I delay leaving for grocery shopping and yoga as long as possible.

The only main difference I see is my kid has fur, and I am highly offended that most restaurants and all churches will not allow him entrance.  Ok, I know I have taken puppy ownership a little seriously, but in the battle of nature vs. nurture, we handpicked the breed to accomplish the nature bit, so now I am going to nurture the heck out of him.  Hopefully this playful puppy matures into a sweet dog.

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