Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Puppy Playdate

Not only has Milton made lots of human friends, he is now working on those of his own kind.  Jeff and I want Milton to be well socialized from the start, so he is not overly timid or too aggressive.  We want a happy puppy who aims to please everyone he meets.  Overall, we just want to be comfortable taking him to an outdoor cafe or introducing him to a child without worry of him snarling or shying away. 

So last week, my good friend, Cait, who lives downstairs, brought her black Labrador retriever/German pointer mix, Sadie, up to visit with Milton.  As I held Milton by Sadie, Milton's little tail was wagging furiously, while Sadie gave a friendly stare to this wiggling bundle.  Milton was seven pounds of energy racing all over the apartment followed by seventy pound Sadie who seemed to know just what to do with a frisky, little puppy.

Both Cait and I were amazed at how gentle and careful Sadie was with the little guy.  Despite Milton's obnoxious behavior at times, Sadie never attempted to retaliate beyond a playful swat.  Weighing in at much more, Sadie really could do some damage, but I think her motherly instinct held her back.  There is only about a 10-month age difference between Sadie and Milton, but although Milton is small now, he is going to be a big boy later on.  I think Milton and Sadie will eventually be boyfriend and girlfriend, but for now, Sadie is just Milton's "Big Momma."

Of course a little bit of sniffing needed to ensue

Milton automatically laid over to show his submission to Sadie

Milton liked to antagonize Sadie by yipping and nipping at her

Sadie would give Milton a playful paw every now and again to put him in his rightful place

Milton acted all big and bold, but after each attack quickly retreated to his hovel by the front door

Best buddies


  1. What a perfect alliance! Milton will grow into Sadies's size.

  2. I'm LATE, Heidi!!!I just read all your posts and LOVE Milton!!!! I'm so happy that you, Jeff, and Milton are having a lot of fun together! Enjoy your summer! :) :)