Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Milt's New Haunt

The Milt Dog and I are regulars at our local White Rock Lake Dog Park.  Even in this supreme heat, we like to stop by two -- three times per week to chase down balls both in and out of the water.  Recently though, a new dog park AND human park was built in Dallas -- Klyde Warren Park ( While this park was being created, Jeff and I, along with friends, attended a comedy show, The Second City Does Dallas, and they performed a humorous skit of the park namesake, Klyde, obnoxiously screaming, "I'm nine-years-old, and my dad built me a park!  I have my own $*#park!  If I ever get old and destitute, I still have my own park to sleep in!"  We all found this to be quite funny as it is a true story of a billionaire father, Kelcey Warren, honoring his little boy.  Having a park to call your own, in lack of better words, is pretty darn cool.  I have to admit, I am a little jealous of Klyde.

This park was quite the feat for Dallas; if you have ever visited, you know that green space is a premium commodity around here, and this park is a welcome respite.  The trick of this particular park is it is a 5.2-acre elevated area built over an 8-lane freeway.  It is a pedestrian-friendly space that, I believe, catapults Dallas forward in its urban landscaping because hopefully it will lead to a much more welcoming downtown area that invites people in for dining, shopping, and sightseeing.  Currently downtown, like the rest of Dallas, is car-driven.  Is Klyde Warren comparable to Central Park?  Well, no, and I don't think it was ever intended to be, especially at this late stage of the city's development, but it is certainly a step in the right direction and a wonderful use of space!

Perfect name for a dog park!

The dog park - compact yet enjoyable

Getting ready for a toss
In fast pursuit
Getting after it


The best part about this new dog park is the motion-activated fountains.  Refreshing streams of water pop out of the ground whenever your dog decides to traipse over them.  Human companions can get good and wet too! 

Water is more fun to catch than tennis balls!
Taking a swig and cleaning out the ears at the same time!

Shake dry

Milt is happiest with a ball in mouth, and we still have an awful lot of difficulty with that darn "release" command!

Besides the dog park, there are a wealth of other happenings at Klyde Warren.  There are food trucks galore parked daily, a giant kids' playground and fountains for tots, musical events at the bandstand, and a wide variety of sporting items to be checked out -- croquet equipment, ping pong paddles, and petanque balls (like bocce).  There is a lending library with books, newspapers, and boardgames.  Many free exercise classes are hosted here, as well, and I actually just read the description for one entitled Get Fit with Fido!  I am definitely going to be a patron of that one for the remainder of my summer vacation.  The class is offered early enough in the morning that I think both Milton and I can gain something from it; lately our morning walks have been quite lackluster due to the heat.

Partial view of  the Dallas skyline

Tasty treats -- ice cream, Asian cuisine, pizza, etc., etc., etc.        


My boys

Of course, I am still quite partial to White Rock Lake Dog Park because of, well, the lake aspect of it, but Klyde Warren Park is now another good option.  I think the park will be even better when it cools off around here.  If you live in Dallas, and have yet to check it out, I certainly recommend you make a day trip of it, preferably in the early morning or late evening.  You can walk there, if you live in the area, or the public trolley does stop just around the corner; there is a parking lot nearby for those driving as well.  If you have a dog, it is a definite must-visit this summer season!


  1. Love this post and love the park! Great place to go :)

  2. So jealous - I even visited the park website. I wish we weren't so "small town" aaround here BUT it is what it is. Looks like the place to be come fall - especially with all of those food trucks!

  3. this is my new favorite place in dallas. i went to the yoga class this past saturday morning, and it was pretty challenging and fun. the kids area is fantastic. we couldn't get brodie to leave even though it was pushing his nap time. would love to meet up there when we're in dallas again!

    1. I just read your blog post about yoga, specifically yoga tans, at the park! Working out in the heat is rough on me, but if it is under the shaded bandstand, that would be much more doable. I need to go. Definitely let us know when you are back in town!