Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beat the Heat

Sunday morning at our house...

Big Belly Boy

Milt's momma tends to be a little cheap (and cold!) when it comes to the air conditioning, so Milt likes to air his tummy, and everything else, out...


  1. Hims is chillin'!

    Love the red, white, and blue decorations! LOVELY!!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend.

    1. Hi Goob!

      I just uploaded another post about our holiday! How was your celebration?

  2. Just now getting a chance to come back and comment. Had a blast this 4th of July except for the non-stop rain (three weeks now) My sister and her family were in town so I had 16 people at the house (my brother and his family along with my mom live here, too) for a cookout and lots of family game time due to the weather. The bad part was I was sick the whole time with a summer flu bug and just now getting back ino the swing of things. HUGS to you all!