Monday, October 7, 2013

Puppy Photo of the Week

Pop and Momeaux visited us this past weekend, but their visit prior to that (You can tell how far behind I am with my posting!), they arrived with an extra-special gift.

Milt, despite sitting on Momeaux's lap, is apparently sulking in this photo.

Every time I think of the South, I envision magnolia blossoms, fried chicken, and yes, porch swings.  Now, I can say we are the proud owners of one.  Pop knew I had been wanting a swing since we bought this house, so he crafted it as a grand surprise for us!  These two consistently use their many talents, whether it be sewing, electrical wiring, baking, or carpentry to enrich our lives.  We are quite spoiled!  Jeff and I have spent many a happy time swinging back and forth on this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  Milt, however, is always a little apprehensive about playing fetch with us sitting on it because, inevitably, he gets bumped once or twice in mid-swing.  Regardless, this swing is the perfect addition to our sweet Southern home; we couldn't be happier!

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