Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Backyard Woes

Our backyard is both a blessing and a cursed.  We are blessed to have a 100+ year old pecan tree lovingly looking down on our house. 

More than one person has mentioned that it has a "Boo Radley" hole like the one in To Kill a Mockingbird

This pecan tree is massive, and it gracefully drapes not only over our yard but both of our neighbors' yards as well.

Humongous limbs

Our tree looks beautiful, and it is, but that darn tree tends to shed an awful, awful lot.  Also, the shade that it creates turns our backyard into a veritable mud pit berefit of grass.  Hence, the curse.

Always lots of clean-up.

All of the debris that our tree drops just gets picked right back up again by the Milt dog's fur and tail.

He looks very unconcerned by his Momma's dilemma.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many of these little tassels I have found littered throughout our house.  It is a never ending battle.  Our pecan tree drops leaves in the fall and tassels in the spring.  I now sweep the deck once per day...  Before we bought a house, I recall watching House Hunters, and one perspective buyer was adamant that she wanted absolutely no trees in her yard because she did not want to devote any time to raking; then I found this woman to be ridiculous and lazy.  Now, I am beginning to see her perspective.  Of course, I would rather have trees than no trees at all, but I wish the droppage would let us just a little bit...


  1. Just wait unil it starts dropping pecans.....oh holla mercy! At least they aren't poisonous! We have the same issue with our water oak - between the catkins and the nuts, it's a nightmare! And let me guess, the neighbors do not want you to cut it down and plant something else.

  2. The tassels have dropped and continue to drop, but we have something new this summer; the tree is dropping brown clusters of leaf debris like crazy, it you look up in our tree, it looks like someone sprinkled it with brown clusters of dead leaves, what is going on with our beautiful mature pecan tree!